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Excavator Fleet
WM Plant Hire
WM Plant Hire
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Our fleet of specialist excavators is designed for the optimum performance in their class and are maintained to a high standard.

Auxiliary hydraulic lines allow for the fitment of attachments. GPS dig control systems can be provide for monitoring production and maintaining a safe working environment.

The most popular long reach excavators include: 

WM Plant Hire KUBOTA 101
The smallest in the fleet is this 4 tonne machine with an 8m reach, ideally suited to those hard to reach areas. Its rubber tracks and narrow width mean that it can fit along footpaths and towpaths with minimal damage to the surface.


WM Plant Hire CASE CX50
Weighing 5 tonnes and with a maximum reach of 7m on rubber tracks; this is a truly versatile excavator. Ideal for deep excavations in confined areas or inland waterways with limited access.
WM Plant Hire

At 8 tonnes, this has an impressive 9m outreach and can be fitted with extra low ground pressure track pads. This machine is ideal for sites with restricted access, such as inland waterways and canals.

WM Plant Hire

Weighing in at around 14 tonnes and available in 10 or 12.5m reach, this is a compact machine suitable for smaller work operations. The shorter arrangement at 10m allows more effective use of attachments. Bio oils and height restrictors make this versatile for inland watercourses.


At a weight of just under 20 tonnes and a reach of 14 metres this machine is ideal for many operations where access can be limited. Filled with biodegradable oils and auxiliary circuits, this is ideally suited for inland waterways and reed cutting operations.


CASE 210
The Case excavators are ideally suited to light and medium duty work, with excellent performance and reliability.  They are available in 15 to 17.5 metre reach, weighing in around 23 tonnes.


The latest addition to the fleet is the 30 tonne machine with 18.5m reach. Fitted with the latest Tier 4 engine, this demonstrates low fuel useage and emissions. Additional safety features including side cameras make this a really high spec machine.


CAT 330
Weighing 45 tonnes and capable of reaching out to 22 metres, the 330 is suitable for all applications.  Electronic dig systems for underwater operations can be fitted and linked to GPS equipment for accuracy to assist in particular with dredging operations.


CAT 345
Designed and built by Caterpillar, they are purpose built for long reach applications with various configurations up to 25.5m reach. They are highly productive with the power to work effectively at maximum outreach and depth.  Weighing between 56 and 68 tonnes, the configurations enable the machine to excavate a wide range of material.  GPS dig systems are also available.


CAT 365
Weighing up to 85 tonnes and available in 23 or 25 m configuration, these heavy duty machines have great power and productivity. These are ideally suited for heavy applications including marine construction and rock armour works.


CAT 375
Weighing up to 115 tonnes and with a maximum reach of 32 metres, these machines are serious long reach excavators custom built and configured for reach and power.


Dredging equipment
We have a range of equipment, including floating pontoons to act as working platforms for the excavators and other equipment. Tugs, barges and workboats can operate on inland and coastal environments, with modern pump technology for the extraction of material from deep underwater.


Tilt and rotating quick hitch systems enable rapid fitment of numerous hydraulic attachments, including tree/weed cutters, hydraulic breakers, rotating rockwheels, grapples, grabs and compactor plates.  Mini excavators can support the long reach machines in remote access situations, with slew and height restrictors fitted for safety as standard.  An amphibious undercarriage can be fitted for use in deep silt and marshy conditions.

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