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Underwater Hydraulic Breaker

Liverpool 2 with BAM Nuttall Fraserburgh, Scotland Fraserburgh, Scotland Wood Wharf, Canary Wharf London
Liverpool 2 with BAM Nuttall
Obstructions are broken out along the pile line
Fraserburgh, Scotland
Hydraulic breaker is attached to the machine
Fraserburgh, Scotland
The hydraulic breaker in use for the underpinning works at the dock
Wood Wharf, Canary Wharf London
Hydraulic breaker used in preparation for piling

Capable of working to depths of up to 20 metres with a compressed air feed, this work tool is able to carry out marine excavation and demolition.

Recent jobs where this attachment has been used:

  • Demolition and break out of underwater obstructions on Liverpool2 Port Development
  • Underpinning of dock walls for harbour upgrade at Fraserburgh, Scotland
  • Underwater excavation of the foundations for the new Queensferry Crossing, Scotland


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