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Bridlington Sea Outfall


The Bridlington Offshore Works (long sea outfall) was one of 3 construction contracts forming a £40m investment designed to ensure that bathing water quality was improved in the region.  With Bridlington enjoyed by holiday makers and residents alike, a commitment by Yorkshire Water in partnership with the Environment Agency, Scarborough Borough Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, North Yorkshire County Council, The NFU and Defra has been made to achieve this.  The Bridglington sea outfall is one of the longest built in the UK at 1250 metres in length.

Scope of Works

The final stage of the water treatment involved the discharge from a long sea outfall, to be installed by ABCO Marine.  The trench had to be evacuated underwater with tide and weather challenges and the pipeline would have to be floated into position and lowered into the trench.  It was likely that the installation may have to be completed the following season if weather became an issue.


WM Plant Hire selected their 85 tonne long reach mounted on a jack-up pontoon with a maximum dig depth of 17 metres to excavate the outfall trench across the beach extending over 1km offshore.  A GPS computer dig system allowed accurate positioning of the trench to line and level.  Following the outfall trench excavation over the summer, WM Plant returned with their heavy lift CAT 365 machine to assist with the pipeline install, placing concrete ballast blocks weighing up to 20 tonnes.  Despite challenging weather conditions works were completed without incident.



Additional Info

  • Client: ABCO Marine
  • Duration: Phase 1 (excavation) 14 weeks, phase 2 (final excavation and pipe installation) 8 weeks
  • Location: Bridlington, Yorkshire
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