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Channel dredging for new lifeboat station at Sennen Cove


The RNLI needed to prepare the way for the next generation, fast slipway lifeboat. The existing slipway channel runs through granite rock that had to be re-profiled for the new vessels to launch.

Scope of Works

The new channel varied in width up to 50m with sloping sides to form a finished trapezoidal profile. WM Plant Hire were contracted to provide their specialist long reach plant for excavating the material from the bottom of the channel to ensure the correct profile was achieved. Up to 6000 tonnes of rock had to be loaded into dump trucks and taken away.


Seacore used their jack-up working platform for drilling and blasting of the rock to widen and deepen the channel. The channel was to be excavated in a series of strips, each around 10m wide by 120m long. WM Plant Hire used their 48 tonne Caterpillar 24m long reach excavator to access the site on a temporary roadway. The machine was fitted with Prolec underwater dig profiling equipment to enable the required depth and shape to be achieved accurately. The operator can gain ‘real time’ information via the on board computer. The use of WM Plant Hire’s specialist long reach plant allowed the project to be completed successfully with a high level of efficiency achieved in clearing the slipway channel. Safety was paramount in carrying out the operation and required the use of highly skilled operators.

Additional Info

  • Client: Seacore Ltd
  • Duration: .8 weeks
  • Location: Sennen Cove, Lands End
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