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Batemag Walking Excavator

Batemag Walking Excavator

At a glance...

  • Reach: 8.5m
  • Weight: 14 tonnes
  • Width: 2.5- 4.5m

Our Swiss manufactured Batemag 'walking excavator' is primarily made for use on steep ground. The individual legs make it possible to level the excavator, even on steep slopes, and stability is derived from the 'spider' legs, rather than undercarriage mass.  Thus despite this being a relatively light machine it has the same engine and hydraulic pumps as a conventional 21 tonne tracked slew excavator.  However, this all-terrain vehicle is also ideal for work in watercourses with its ability to climb over obstacles, in and out of water and work in depths of up to 2 metres, with its floatation tyres also minimising environmental impacts on the river beds.


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