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We are keen to provide operators with best experience to suit our clients projects.

Rob Tennent, Site Manager of JN Bentley stated: "WM Plant provided specialist long reach excavators in both 20 and 60 tonne configurations with competent and experienced operators to help deliver a flood bank stabilisation scheme at Goole East Yorkshire. Together we have been able to deliver a difficult tidal project for the Environment Agency which included the installation of 16,000 tonnes of rock armour over a 1K stretch of Dutch River."

WM Plant Hire have worked across a variety of flood mitigation schemes around the U.K with EA framework contractors JN Bentley.

  • "WM always achieve the highest standards of quality and are supportive and active in securing added value..."

    Adam Green, the Ecology and Countryside Manager at Hart District Council has worked with WM Plant Hire closely since 2012 in the maintenance and development of Fleet Pond.

  • "WM Plant have been a key supply chain partner of BAM Ritchies for many years...We have an excellent relationship, whereby we work together adaptations ..."

    Chris Morton, Works Manager at BAM Ritchies. has worked with WM Plant Hire on numerous occasions on slope stabilisation projects.

  • "...expertise on how to achieve solutions in a practical and cost-effective way is the key to success and an area in which WM has considerable experience and expertise."

    Len Threadgold, Chairman of Geotechnics Ltd. has worked with WM on the resolution of two major landslip problems, one the 'winner' of one of the Ground Engineering's national awards. 

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